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SOLITUDE and LONELINESS was developed in the summer of 2020, is the first part of the project about feelings in the pandemic, part of a sequence of feelings represented by male dancers, this project aims to highlight the way the male expresses his feelings through art and dance. A way of externalizing what is not said in words.


In a complex and difficult phase for worldwide community, analyzing the fine line that exists between two feelings, SOLITUDE and LONELINESS where in the midst of a terrible pandemic, it was not only the virus that made people sick, the feeling of isolation is consuming more and more people's minds, some people were able to see this situation as an opportunity for growth, mental development and through the process of SOLITUDE find your true SELF, see the essence itself with clarity.

While some people have experienced the feeling of LONELINESS and are feeling their lives and minds consumed by a dense, distorted and heavy fog, where there is no distinction between thoughts and feelings. During these long quarantine months, many people have experienced for the first time at least one of these two situations, SOLITUDE or LONELINESS.


Being alone at home away from family, friends and relationship partners, due to factors that are beyond our control, made some of us experience the feeling of being secluded inside the house and also within our own mind.


The loneliness

Is a state of an individual who feels alone.

Situations where you feel empty or something is missing in your life.

Some thoughts are distorted in your mind and there is no clarity as to whether you feel happy or sad. A fog over your thoughts form and you feel trapped within your cold and sad world.


The solitude

Whoever finds solitude is not afraid to be alone, even if the path is difficult and requires strength, finds pleasure in enjoying your own company, you learn to analyze your own feelings and thoughts, see the inner world clearly, have self-confidence through self-knowledge.

Through solitude it is possible to find yourself without having to hide or take shelter in another being, object or addiction. Be happy with yourself without seeking the trials of others and learn to be emotionally independent.


You will see in this project the performance of dancer and body artist Guga Paulino, through contemporary dance added movement and meaning to this project.

The scenario represents the artist in his own mind, an infinite space for learning and evolution, entering the phase of LONELINESS and evolving his movements until he reaches SOLITUDE.

The images that represent SOLITUDE are STRONG and FIRM.

The images that represent LONELINESS are DENSE and CONFUSING.


Just like the thoughts and feelings of each experience.

Project written and photographed by: Milena Pernacova

Summer of 2020


The dancer - Guga Paulino
Brazilian body artist. Works with contemporary dance, theater, yoga and dance for people with disabilities.

The dancer - Guga Paulino

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