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Mother Tongues Festival

In May 2021 I had the pleasure of participating in the Mother Tongues Festival in Dublin, Ireland.


Mother Tongues is the largest festival celebrating linguistic diversity through the arts in Ireland. With the text written by the curator of Art Chiara Rucks with the title and theme: What is the Language of the Future? Language exchange in the contemporary cyber world.


I made my interpretation of how social media and search engines can influence human behavior. You can see here the direct link to the festival page, see the 360 tour of the exhibition that was received at the Rua Red Contemporary Art Gallery.


Festival website - photos and 360 tour

Gallery website

Photo 01: "Social filter". The image represents an allusion to the filters applied in social media, filtering and content absorption.

Photo 02: "The social virus" The image represents the impact and virtual access to information on social media, their lack of protection and filtering.

Photo 03: "The landing" The image represents the control and robotic access of information on social media and search engines.

Project photographed by: Milena Pernacova

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