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If you are a violinist and want to have a visual analysis like this to check your movements and performance please contact me.​

Group composition - SET NUMBER 1

Two classical composers were chosen by the musician for set number 1:

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Austrian composer (1756-1791)

Violin Concerto No. 3 - Part 1 (Exposure time 10 seconds) - click here

Symphony No. 40 - Part 1 (Exposure time 10 and 20 seconds) - click here


Johann Sebastian Bach

German composer (1685-1750)

Allemande - Part 2 (Exposure time 10 seconds) - click here


Individual frame composition - SET NUMBER 2

One classical composer was chosen for the individual frame, with the theme of marriage:


Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy

German composer (1809-1847)

Bridal March - Part 1 and 2 (Exposure time 20 seconds) - click here


Bonus image

Tribute to the character Woody Woodpecker

Woody the Woodpecker Theme Song

Composers: George F. Tibbles / Ramey Idriss

Part 1 (Exposure time 10 seconds) - click here

How it was done

Eliseu Junior

Eliseu Junior, 26 years old, Brazilian musician for 10 years began his studies focused on classical and pop music.

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